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Dayna goes beyond simply following instructions to anticipating the best compliance outcome for your business. She has never missed a deadline and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. She is proactive and very easy to work with.

J. Andrew Telford, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Canadian Corporate Tax Returns 101

Canadian Corporate Tax Returns 101

April – the traditional time when the stress level of all public accountants is at a high due to the due date of most personal tax returns.   And fortunately or unfortunately, since the 30th of April is falling on a Saturday this year (2022), we actually have until...
April Brings Spring Showers and TAXES

April Brings Spring Showers and TAXES

April is here and it’s time to stop procrastinating and pull together all of your tax slips, donations, child care receipts, medical receipts, and work-from-home office expenses to prepare your tax return. I think it is important for people to prepare their own tax...
Salary vs Dividends:  Which One is Better?

Salary vs Dividends: Which One is Better?

This is one of the most common questions that I’ll receive from my owner-managed business clients.  There isn’t a blanket answer that I can give every client.  Mainly because every client’s business is different and every client is different. 



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