Today our country celebrates its 151st birthday! It got us reflecting on everything we love about being Canadian!

Here are 5 reasons why the Dayna Holland team is proud to be Canadian:

  1. We adore the scenery: We live in Vancouver, BC where we can dip our feet in the ocean, climb a mountain, and roast marshmallows in the evening at our campsite in the woods, all in the same day!
  2. We appreciate our freedoms: It’s scary to watch the news unfolding around the world. So much suffering and many struggles, but thankfully Canada is a safe, inclusive, welcoming place to live.
  3. We love poutine, Timbits, and beavertails: It’s a good thing we have so many outdoor activities available to us because with all the tasty treats in Canada, our waistlines might suffer!
  4. We love our waterproof banknotes: Few countries around the world can say this about their paper money. Not only do our banknotes come in a rainbow of colours, they’re also waterproof and if you so desire, you could go for a swim with them in your pocket.
  5. We’re all family: We’re proud to live in a country where we get to know our neighbours and are accepting of newcomers. Where everyone is eager to lend a helping hand and where good manners are commonplace.

Today we join our fellow Canadians in celebrating everything that we love about Canada. Our staff will be out and about today with their families celebrating in their own communities. We’ll be taking a day off tomorrow (July 2) to celebrate and will be back on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend celebrating everything you love about being Canadian!