At first glance I hope  that possibility comes as a source of good news, but I would wager to guess that you read that headline and as quickly as you think “yes, that sounds great!” a wet blanket is tossed over top screaming, “not possible!”.

You come by that reaction naturally. Our entire western culture worships doing. Get up earlier, stay up later, say YES, Lean IN! Our media, newsfeed and social channels are full of motivational quotes telling us to “Just Do It”.  And don’t get me wrong, doing is mandatory. Nothing happens if we don’t act. But, and it’s a big BUT… when we neglect to acknowledge who we are being, when we’re doing all that we’re doing, we miss a huge opportunity.

Consider this: everything you do is infused with the energy in which you do it in. 

So if that were true, (and I believe it is) then your vibe/state/energy would become a much more pertinent consideration. In other words, who’s the human BEING, doing all the tasks on the list?

Don’t take my word for it, just treat it like an experiment.

What if you paid as much attention to how you’re feeling, the energy you’re experiencing, and taking a conscious approach to lifting it?

Author: Heather White