There is a reason fitness trackers work. By updating people on their progress or lack of progress it motivates them to perform better and strive towards their goals. If you don’t know you’re doing something wrong it is hard to improve. That is why we have performance reviews.

These principals apply to your personal finances. If you are aware of your spending habits and where you’re going wrong, you can uncover why your spending so much or not saving enough and you can start to make little changes to reach your goals.

Just like fitness trackers there are many finance trackers out there. The following apps help you set goals and track your spending, many of them will link directly to your bank account to provide you real time data. The benefit of these tools is that they create reports for you. This allows you to see what areas your spending on and what your habits are like.


Level Money 



You Need a Budget (YNAB) 

Maybe you weren’t aware that those weekly trips to the mall were adding up and actually eating up 50% of your monthly budget. When you recognize patterns like this you are able to adjust your behaviours. We encourage you to use tools like these to keep your finance goals on track and to better understand yourself.