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Dayna goes beyond simply following instructions to anticipating the best compliance outcome for your business. She has never missed a deadline and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. She is proactive and very easy to work with.

J. Andrew Telford, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Guest Blog: Why Group Retirement Plans?

Guest Blog: Why Group Retirement Plans?

Most often, we work with clients who already have a group retirement plan, or are seeking help to design one. But every once in a while, we get the question “Why should O set up a group retirement plan for my employees?” At Westcoast Actuaries, we believe that after...
What is an unpaid intern?

What is an unpaid intern?

If your hesitant about what hiring an intern means for your business, this blog post is for you!   There is a very thin line between and intern and employee and it is important to make sure you are abiding by the rules and complying so you don’t run into any trouble....
3 Steps to Early Retirement

3 Steps to Early Retirement

Early retirement is something many of us dream about. It doesn’t have to be a dream. We can turn that dream into a goal and we can achieve that goal by following the following steps! You CAN retire early! 1.Build a strong source of regular income This doesn’t...



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